Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Red Yellow Green( Stop Think Action)

Hi all sweet readers ,

First of all i would like to thank you guys for supporting my blog and me.
I recently read a very interesting article about what made Sundar Pichai  become CEO of Google that too at such a young age?? 

Well one day I was just thinking and trust me nowadays I really don’t get to think so much with work, house chores always lined up and I m sure even you don’t get time to think exactly where your life is going  ?? Its not your fault too…Inspite of being in gadget driven world our work still seems to not have reduced may be its because with great power comes great responsibility….

Never mind so I was saying …that I was thinking ….

Is hard work really key to success????

Then suddenly Pikachu struck a lightning bolt (for those who do not know.. Pikachu is famous cartoon character in Pok√©mon series)..don’t worry I’m fine it was all on TV and then I realized  that only  hard work is not key to success as elders say quote " To achieve something you have to do hard work “ but then I thought even donkeys do hard work by lifting goods but then why do we consider them dumb???…...right ?? We do think they are dumb even though poor fellows work so hard.

Reading Sundar Pichai article opened my eyes that ..Along with hard work what is required is Power to assess and then Respond.

Most of us like to react me included rather than respond after assessing the damage done..for example If we are stuck in traffic we complain “shit this terrible traffic” in short we react but instead we should respond by staying calm seeing what time slot traffic is maximum and avoiding traveling that time or we can have different route to our destination .

Another example  “oh no I have gained weight “ well my dear if you think you have and its bothering why don’t you respond by assessing what caused gain and try to avoid that eating habits"

There are so many numerous occasions like you keep working for so many years without realizing what you want.Are you really satisfied in life that you don’t want change ?? Even our actors /actress like change I guess that’s why they get their cosmetic surgery done..They see what is better for them and how to achieve it and they respond rather than complaining.

So all my dear friends get up ..Stop complaining or  at least stop reacting unnecessarily ..Rather respond to situation in hand and do something about it before you look down memory lane and realize what a cry baby you were…and that you had time to make a change but could not get over your complaining nature

Sunday, 15 March 2015



In today’s time no matter how much we try to imitate West but the fact still remains the same….”Ladki to sanskaari, gunvati aur kamau chahiye” apne bete ke liye…. (a boy’s mother would always want a perfect indian bahu ) no matter how her son is…. even if he changes girlfriends every month. But a girl is born in india generally to get basic education so that she is eligible to get a good match .Nowadays trend is there is more demand of Engineer girls as bridegrooms….Many of my friends after B.tech wanted to pursue higher dreams like exploring themselves but were made to sit at home or join a course in a nearby college with single line “jitne mein tumhe bahar bhejna hai utne mein to tumhari shaadi ho jaye”… Maybe they are right ..for middle class families I’ts difficult to arrange so much funds to not only send them but making sure they don’t face any monetary problems…..
So all those dreams are left as dreams….Maybe that’s why they say to dream because in dreams you are your own master…You can even visit Spain with Shahrukh Khan or Ranbir Kapoor.:)

That is why in  most of the colleges we have girls ratio much less than guys ….because parents don’t wanna send them far away …..One reason that I feel is world is made unsafe by people like that Delhi gangrape case culprit whose BBC interview rocked the world….No matter how much good our country does or projects but one incident like this tarnishes our image in the world…And I got hands on experience when I met an American lady who was coming with me back to US from India…….She told me how difficult it is for a foreigner to visit india that too a single women…And then she told me the secret how she made sure she is safe while travelling in trains….
Many told my dad too that whats the need of sending your daughter to US. You already spent so much on her Btech ..make her work in India for a year or too and get her married to rich businessman…But more than me, my dad was adamant and excited to send me to US to let me be ME…to follow who I am..to spread smiles..to chase my dreams…He used to….. actually still says that I have potential to achieve wonders and that sky is limit but just do your karam ie is work hard and be honest ….
You will always have people to discourage you but god has given you 2 ears for this reason only..Listen from one and let it go from other..but that doesn’t mean  you don’t listen ..Listen to all but do what you think is right…
He didn’t teach me scooter because he loved me so much and thought it was unsafe ….so before I turned 18 he taught me how to drive ...may be that is where I get my passion for driving ….Inspite of facing difficult situations himself in India …be it sometimes monetary problem or stress from work he made sure I live here comfortably….Dad you made me feel like princess…. dad’s princess….I am what I am because of you and mom…All my achievements I dedicate it to you….because during my tough times you were there…wiping my tears and telling me its ok….next time work more hard…have faith
Every time I failed or fell down I got up ..thinking I am my dad’s daughter.. who inspite of facing so many adverse situations never lets us know and never gives up……

I know you always wanted me to keep blogging..so after so many days here’s one blog thanking you for sending me to US..to pursue higher education and achieve what I want to. I hope I always make you proud. J

Saturday, 14 June 2014

MY STEP FATHER is the best :)

We all must have wished our father HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and they are the best no doubt about that :) But did you wish your step father HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ...I know step fathers are generally cruel but they are part of lives even if they make our lives hell :( Nope don't even think that I am drunk or crazy.Well you must be thinking , whom  I am talking about.....Who your step father is??? .....Who scolds you even for your smallest mistake, who doesn't misses single chance of teasing you....And I'm sure you must have told him/her"You are not my dad ,so don't act like one "

Who make you feel that you are the biggest sinner in this field ..... but when dad scolds you he/she is the one who defends you ,loves you and consoles you and says "you were not wrong" circumstances were".So, even though he/she makes you feel guilty that you are useless but when actual situation comes and you are in problem ,he/she turns into chameleon and protects you. ....I know ,we loathe our step father,curse him/her for being so mean but irony is we can't even live without them ...and miss their irritating habits....No wild guesses guys because he/she is none other than our IRRITATING  younger/older brother/sister who like actually love to act like our daddy..So Happy Father's day Step daddy :):P

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ek thank you to banta hai.......

Life teaches us that some body who are nobody in our life at one point may be the most important people in our lives who make our lives easy .I really mean EASY.It's been 1 year in US but I still sometimes miss maids /cooks in my home and I'm sure many would be who have to do everything by themselves.  Back home they are just people , living below poverty line who struggle hard to meet both ends meet .They wash clothes,utensils,take care of household chores and sometimes even make food as cook with meager wages and zero respect.We all get so used to taking work from them that 1 holiday by them and we can see its effects on our moms face .You must be wondering why am I writing about them.They are not that important .But they are for me.Well if you don't believe me.Perform small experiment take a week off and do everything yourself from cleaning utensils to vacuuming etc and then give me the result I bet you will miss them sometimes even more than ur mom[kidding].

So, on not  so serious note ..tomorrow morning go to the kitchen hug your maid and say aunty you are the best :P:)

So all I want to, not say but salute them for their service.. Because of them my mom is happy :) To ek thanku to banta hai !!!!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Think Wisely!!!!

“I want change_______” that’s the slogan most of us say. Missing blank can be filled by anything depending on person‘s choice like I want to change my car, my house, the way I look. But the irony is when change happens or somebody is working to bring the change our human psychology is like that we like to criticize it. Well I have proof for what I am saying , for example, somebody wants to change house and is looking for options….People will come and say “oh that location, that location is very bad or oh that house …..No u shouldn't buy it....its market price is too much” So, can somebody ask them why don’t you buy me a house….???
2nd instance: Say if a girl is healthy and wants to change herself by reducing weight after listening to taunts from people who till  yesterday didn't even exist but now suddenly influence her .. So, after reducing some weight now those people have a new things to say “Beta ji , what happened don’t you get food at home?? Isn’t your mom giving you food???You seem to look weak, pale"……Weak???
The point is we shout and scream for change but when somebody brings a change or tries to at least we like to discourage, demoralize, taunt defame and criticize rather than appreciating it .My Question is being responsible citizens we should firstt not  jump  on conclusions  (which we  can’t help at ) rather let somebody try. There are many people who seem to have followed 3 idiots movie very religiously. So instead of supporting parties they like they are trying to defame others. The point is ,is their party so weak as compared to others that in order to  bring their party up , or rather than focusing on it, they are  trying to shift their focus on other parties and trying to defame it…

All I want to say to all citizens is follow what you think is right and not what just one person/news  channel is saying…Use your mind and vote carefully tomorrow.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Proud Parents

Life teaches you and no one can teach you better not even parents. We will not believe them but when life gives a good kick we understand the same thing. Today life surprised me again by teaching a new lesson. To get their daughters married to the right guy at right time and till then and even after that she remains safe ,happy ,protected is itself a challenge and a dream at the same time. It is so sad for the parents who lose their daughters (when they are burnt alive for dowry, acid attack, rape) . The pain itself of losing their young daughters  is excruciating let alone the reason which caused this pain). Parents want that their daughters to stand on their feet so that even during adverse times they are capable enough to make their way. Now I understand, how proud parents feel when their daughters achieve great heights. And how happy they feel when everything goes alright and girl get married to right guy who keeps their daughter happy, taking care of all her needs, hopes, aspirations .It is the most proud moment especially for the father. May be that is why, people kill their daughters in womb because they are weak to take care ,  grow their daughters into  independent, smart and intellectual human beings who follow her heart and at the same time does the right thing to make herself and her parents proud.

Salute to all parents who have daughters!!!!!

Friday, 20 September 2013



                                          "No body can teach you better than life..."

It sometimes happens that we are not able to understand importance of small things or sometimes of  people  in life... like How much they mean to us.........
May be we are so used to them...that we ignore their  importance......

 And that's how I learnt the famous economics law "The more you have of a thing the less you want to have more of it"

Let me give an example..[I wish I had paid attention to the  practical application of this law :(  ]

Many crave for fast food or prefer eating out than eating home cooked food..But most of us who are living away from family miss home cooked  especially the one prepared by our mothers ......

Ohh I just miss those days ...and home cooked food made by my mom...
I'm sure many ,  who are staying away would be feeling the same .....

# respect to all moms
Who take pains and are silly attitude but still never give up on us ...And make sure that we do have our meals :):)