Thursday, 10 April 2014

Think Wisely!!!!

“I want change_______” that’s the slogan most of us say. Missing blank can be filled by anything depending on person‘s choice like I want to change my car, my house, the way I look. But the irony is when change happens or somebody is working to bring the change our human psychology is like that we like to criticize it. Well I have proof for what I am saying , for example, somebody wants to change house and is looking for options….People will come and say “oh that location, that location is very bad or oh that house …..No u shouldn't buy it....its market price is too much” So, can somebody ask them why don’t you buy me a house….???
2nd instance: Say if a girl is healthy and wants to change herself by reducing weight after listening to taunts from people who till  yesterday didn't even exist but now suddenly influence her .. So, after reducing some weight now those people have a new things to say “Beta ji , what happened don’t you get food at home?? Isn’t your mom giving you food???You seem to look weak, pale"……Weak???
The point is we shout and scream for change but when somebody brings a change or tries to at least we like to discourage, demoralize, taunt defame and criticize rather than appreciating it .My Question is being responsible citizens we should firstt not  jump  on conclusions  (which we  can’t help at ) rather let somebody try. There are many people who seem to have followed 3 idiots movie very religiously. So instead of supporting parties they like they are trying to defame others. The point is ,is their party so weak as compared to others that in order to  bring their party up , or rather than focusing on it, they are  trying to shift their focus on other parties and trying to defame it…

All I want to say to all citizens is follow what you think is right and not what just one person/news  channel is saying…Use your mind and vote carefully tomorrow.

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