Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Red Yellow Green( Stop Think Action)

Hi all sweet readers ,

First of all i would like to thank you guys for supporting my blog and me.
I recently read a very interesting article about what made Sundar Pichai  become CEO of Google that too at such a young age?? 

Well one day I was just thinking and trust me nowadays I really don’t get to think so much with work, house chores always lined up and I m sure even you don’t get time to think exactly where your life is going  ?? Its not your fault too…Inspite of being in gadget driven world our work still seems to not have reduced may be its because with great power comes great responsibility….

Never mind so I was saying …that I was thinking ….

Is hard work really key to success????

Then suddenly Pikachu struck a lightning bolt (for those who do not know.. Pikachu is famous cartoon character in Pok√©mon series)..don’t worry I’m fine it was all on TV and then I realized  that only  hard work is not key to success as elders say quote " To achieve something you have to do hard work “ but then I thought even donkeys do hard work by lifting goods but then why do we consider them dumb???…...right ?? We do think they are dumb even though poor fellows work so hard.

Reading Sundar Pichai article opened my eyes that ..Along with hard work what is required is Power to assess and then Respond.

Most of us like to react me included rather than respond after assessing the damage done..for example If we are stuck in traffic we complain “shit this terrible traffic” in short we react but instead we should respond by staying calm seeing what time slot traffic is maximum and avoiding traveling that time or we can have different route to our destination .

Another example  “oh no I have gained weight “ well my dear if you think you have and its bothering why don’t you respond by assessing what caused gain and try to avoid that eating habits"

There are so many numerous occasions like you keep working for so many years without realizing what you want.Are you really satisfied in life that you don’t want change ?? Even our actors /actress like change I guess that’s why they get their cosmetic surgery done..They see what is better for them and how to achieve it and they respond rather than complaining.

So all my dear friends get up ..Stop complaining or  at least stop reacting unnecessarily ..Rather respond to situation in hand and do something about it before you look down memory lane and realize what a cry baby you were…and that you had time to make a change but could not get over your complaining nature