Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Yesterday's gang rape brought heated discussions not only on every news channel but also in Parliament.Every Politician gave his/her opinion about the same.But who wants their opinion? Nation demands strict actions against the accused.But we all know that if government takes 7 years to bring about amendment in criminal law ,how long will it take to bring laws for  women safety.

From 2010, there has been 120% increase in sexual harassment cases in Delhi.On a  recent rape case, SHO of the police blamed victim's sense of dressing for the rape.But I would like to ask SHO, that  why are muslim women  raped?? Nobody blames the accuse, and all accusations are on the women like,may be her  dress was short, or like why was  she  roaming in the street in night etc.So, should one conclude that women should not step out of the house after sunset???I guess I should check that are we living in a democratic country or under Taliban rule?? How better are we from Pakistan,Afghanistan ,where women are given no rights to live.

Last few months was like a nightmare for the women of Haryana. Everyday newspaper reported a rape case from there and we all know, how gender biased is society of Haryana. So, instead of supporting the families of victim and punishing the accused, khap panchayat comes with a shocking solution that "Marry girls at the age of 16". 16 is it really an age to get girls married????May be khap panchayat is forgetting a case where a married woman was raped infront of her husband and son.Now, it feels that ,raping someone is becoming mere sport of fun. But do  you know how much pain mentally,emotionally a raped victim has to undergo.

But somewhere I know that there is no point saying anything as after 2 days,the accused will be exonerated due to lack of proof or witness turning hostile and then we'll wait for another incident to happen.Even police seems to be in the pockets of politicians who make them work like puppets.Every politician promises laptops,Tv etc in their manifesto but why cant they promise laws for women security? Is it that difficult to promise and keep it.

Parliament fights for SC/ST quota in jobs etc but have no time to pass laws on women security.Now I feel ,that since  government can only pass bills on quota.I think they should pass bill giving quota to rape victims in jobs, land allotments etc.Since all we can do is bring reservations-in our society.

But on a serious note, I think capital Punishment should be given to those who are  accused of  raping someone because rape victims themselves are nothing but dead people living a life of exile away from friends and society.

Friday, 31 August 2012


Some inspiring lines


                Never Blame any Day in Your Life
                            Good Days Give you Happiness,
                Bad days give us Experience.  "
Both are Essential in Life,So always keep Smiling No matter how hard the time is..It will surely go away.....                               and sun will surely rise bringing loads of hope.:):):)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

WAKE UP.....

"1984 Sikh riots",  "Godhra case", "mob attacks Churches in Orissa", "Foreign family which came as  christian missionary killed by mob in Orissa", "Ayodhya riots", "dalit woman burnt to death" and the recent one "Hindu muslim riots in Assam".. The list of incidents goes ON and ON...

When Indians are killed in abroad like AUSTRALIA, our the recent one AMERICA.. we in INDIA get Immediately rocked, and start sympathizing along with curses for the country where it happened.. Moreover, we stop sending our kids there.. But what about people who are staying in INDIA and are subjected to atrocities of the society,mob only because either they are HINDUS,SIKHS,MUSLIM and even on basis of caste like whether they are dalit,brahmin etc.. So when people are attacked in abroad we condemn it, but when it happens in INDIA, we support it..why DO WE exhibit  DUAL PERSONALITY???? why cant we condemn killings on basis of religion in INDIA Too.. And demand strict action against the culprits  like we demand in case of racist attacks.Although, I agree that attacks, which happen in india are not racist but innocent lives are killed, and their only mistake is that they are from particular religion or from particular caste....

Although our constitution says that we should treat all alike but it is politicians who have divided people on basis of religion,caste and that too for their vote banks and they do so by bringing reservations ... Although I know some of us will support reservations and I'm Not against it but ,don't you think that when people get jobs or admissions on the  basis of reservation it actually createS  invisible Divisions in the society... Like in my college a separate list is created , for those who have got admission on basis of reservation  and I actually think  that it  creates a difference among the masses .. "Ki oh! he is from SC/ST quota.."

And sometimes becoz of reservations less qualified or capable person is chosen over more deserving one..

So it is high time now , politicians should wake up, and should start thinking about the country's progress rather than about their own personal gain...


        IN ADVANCE

Saturday, 11 August 2012


India is known as land of many religions, where every month we celebrate a festival.Not only, we celebrate birthdays of our gods and goddess but also of the martyr's who had laid their lives in order to teach Indians one or the other lessons of life.......

Today, when we are so busy, it is good to celebrate festivals because they give us a motive to take out time from our busy schedules  and remember their teachings .. Recently, we celebrated JANAMASHTMI ie, birthday of lord Krishna who played a pivotal role in MAHABAHRTA.. Celebrating JANAMASHTMI does not mean that we simply go to temple ...now days, it plays more important role.. It is a day we get a holiday to actually think about those lessons they gave us.. ,which is very important these days like Lord Krishnji told us" To trust yourself, and do what you think is right. Do not consider what others say. Rather be confident and perform actions which according to you is right, because at the end of the day, we have to answer our conscience....

Today , we seriously need to execute  teachings like this, because half of the Indians consider what others think of them rather than what they think of themselves...No matter , how much they like to do something, they WONT, because they are worried , what others might think of them.. Friends, festival is not celebrated only to eat, fast, on this day.. It is also meant to reconsider our lifestyle and actions..

Saturday, 4 August 2012

My First Best Friend...

I know its a well known topic , for writing an essay or composition.. In fact ,I remember.. that we were made to cram.. Especially my best friend topic :) When we used to be kids, I'm sure many of you would agree that, our best friend used to be our MOTHER.. You must be thinking why I'm saying mother.?? Well thats because, remember who used to be the one to hide your mistakes from your father?? Who used to get you balloons , whenever you went to market with her?? And how can you forget the pim pom lollipop you used to suck??

Whenever you used to get hurt , who used to be there for you and applies medicine to it..?? Answer is mother.:) In my opinion,she completely fits the definition of "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"!

Even  at midnight, if you are hungry, you just need to tell her and guess what ,we get 2 minute noodles at our service:).. She keeps running after us , that we should drink our milk or eat our food but we fullfilling the definition of "child" play "Hide and Seek" with her .. What a time it was:) 

When we enter our teenage, we make friends in school and then in college.. And start moving away from our mother.. Earlier the hide seek we used to love, now is called intrusion of privacy by us.. Earlier in our childhood, we couldnt even think of buying any clothes from the market and used to wear clothes of her choice, but know if she asks us to wear a particular dress , we simply say No!! and rudely send her away.

I'm not saying that whatever they say, do it.. But what you can do is ...ie, Next time you have a fight with her, you should not argue back.. Let her cool down and then explain your side of story.. 

And since we the teenagers always have a ready made reply that" we are busy", every time our mother asks us to do some work.. So lets take out time for our dear , and our 1st best friend and take her out or atleast buy her a present:)


dedicated to my first best friend:)
my mom

Monday, 23 July 2012



Every relationship has some sweet and sour memories... And so was the relationship BETWEEN Bubbly and Khalbali...

Bubbly was a cute, small girl with cheeks protruding out. She was just like her name, sweet little bubble.. She was the only child of her parents and very naughty….Once she saw mummy pig FEEDING her piglets and when she came back home , she was adamant to drink pig's milk ... It was only after her father showed her where pigs live.. , she gave up the idea.

Not only this, she even ATE fodder ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS AMUSED THE WAY BUFFALO WAS EATING IT. She was a quick learner and crammer too ... YOU must be wondering how can I say that??

Well once she heard someone saying " ulu , befkuf, pagal" and after that whenever she used to get angry ,she used to say those 3 words even TO her mother.. Poor kid, she just heard it somewhere And started saying it.. But her parents found solution TO it, They took her to THE zoo and showed her, how an owl looks like. After that she was so scared that she stopped saying those words.......  now as she was growing up ,she was  becoming more mature, innocent, calm....

After 10 years a storm came in her life.. And name of that storm was khalbali... He was just like the name…” K H A L B A L I” .He believed in rocking the world and I mean it sarcastically..

And before you get anything wrong, khalbali was bubbly’s little bro:)
Like  I was saying, like  any other younger sibling in a house, he wanted whatever she was getting. I’m sure many of You might have either experienced it or done it:) Well ,once their father got a camera for bubbly, but it was out of limits for khalbali since he was small. What do YOu think,he will do??Will  he obediently  leavE the camera alone..???? No ways , when everybody had gone asleep, he took his chance ,took the camera out and started clicking photos of apple to fridge to everything You can think of.. After all, he thought if his sister can have it , WHY not him:)

Not only this, he added another feather to his cap. Once bubbly went with khalbali for a ride on her new scooty. Khalbali asked bubbly to let her drive. Being elder sibling she gave him the scooty to drive. But when khalbali struck the scooty with the tree, he started displaying his acting skills by blaming his sister and saying" di I told you to drive carefully but you don’t listen. Now see what you have done" . Thus giving brilliant performance in front of onlookers...


So enjoy raksha bandhan !! 

 (dedicated to my brothers)

P.S :-raksha bandhan is an Indian festival.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


"Am I perfect, no but I did make a mistake.."
May be no one is perfect... and I guess ,mistakes are a part of life...no matter how much we try avoiding it, It happens.. BUT if we commit mistakes , does it mean we are careless and irresponsible??? I don't think so.... Mistakes always bring positive change in our lives. It is just the way we see it. For example, have you ever committed a mistake twice?? I'm sure many would say NO...This is because we generally learn lessons from them ... Not only this , it was by mistake FIRE was discovered, and by mistake COLUMBUS found America. So be it science or history.. Mistakes are good , and what the best part is that it teaches us and I find it the best teacher, because it teaches lessons which we can't forget ...EVER.. For instance, have you ever bought a expired product and forgot to check its expiry date..??Well I'm sure , next time you went to the market to buy any product, the first thing you check is the expiry date and not it's price :)...List of common mistakes we make is endless.. But best part is we become more vigilant and careful:)

If we see word MISTAKES under magnifying glass.. It is made of 2 words MISS  TAKES.. which means our life is like a film, and our director ( GOD) supervises all our moves and even the story...so if we make a mistake (or MISS the TAKE) while performing our shot, he always gives us a chance to RETAKE.. but *condition applied, that we need to recognize it , and try to give another best shot.. So all I want to say is that nothing is permanent, we can always undo it...by not committing same mistake AGAIN..

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's day special !!!!

Curtains fall, lights on and I hear thunder of claps for the brilliant performance of the actors.Actors win awards, laurels. Everyone  is appreciated for their work except , behind the stage people ,who I feel should also be appreciated.Yes I mean spotboys,technicians ,makeup man etc; who watch the actors getting awards from a distance and feel happy that their hard work has payed........

   Well you must be thinking that all of a sudden why am I talking about giving credit to backstage people.... dont worry i'm  not promoting any NGO..I'm saying this because "Our life" is also like a stage..isn't it??? And if we think ,even we have some unappreciated people in our life.Children especially youngsters are generally close to their mothers.We have this fear that our father is very strict ,he'll not listen to anything ,he might overreact.But my definition of father is someone who likes to watch his child grow from distance and when his child grows up and becomes successful,he smiles and thinks that finally his hard work has paid.Has it ever happened that you wanted something but your mom said no to it and you went to  your dad and asked for the same thing ,and he said Yes....Well fathers  not always say NO.They only stop us from having something because they do not want their little prince/princess to get hurt as they  know the obnoxious world outside better than we do..All they want is that we should have fun but without getting hurt. They do not want any appreciation, all they want is that we become independent,that is we stand on our feet.....

Father's day does not mean that we just wish our fathers.When we grow up and enter teenage we generally try to avoid sitting with our dad may be because we are shy or whatever may be the reason...But today lets take  out time for them and sit with them and have little chit chat over a cup of coffee and talk about anything to everything and make them  feel special....

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!..and I promise to do what you taught me ie,to be

f-free thinker

-------(dedicated to my father)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Amazing Facts !!!!!

1) There are 40,000 New York City cab drivers, who collectively drive more than million miles each day.

2) The average person has over 1460 dreams a year.

3) One Third of land in the United States is owned by government.

4) Despite the hump, a camel's spine is straight.

4) Every one's tongue print is different.

5) The most used letter in English alphabet is "e", and "q" is least one

6) The united states has 5% of the world's population, but consumes 25% of world's energy.

7) Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

8) The largest McDonald's is in Beijing, China-measuring 28,000 square feet. It has 29 cash registers.

9) North Dakota has never had an earthquake.

10) Kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

11) The sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" uses every letter of the alphabet. 

Friday, 30 March 2012


In today's technological world,mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives.But have we ever thought ,when we call someone,how does our call reach the right person sometimes living long distance apart......

But finally I got answer to my question...

I earlier used to think that when we make a call it goes to the cell tower..yes u are guessing it right..the big towers with antennas which you can find on roof tops,shop tops etc..but that is not it ... So here it goes.....

First when we make a call,each handset has a MIN(mobile identification number) andSIM(sim identification number).which is conveyed to the tower along with your call signal ..The tower sends back acknowledgement signal to the mobile..so DUPLEX channel is used..for this transferring ,You must be wondering what DUPLEX channel is??

As name suggest it is a channel,where one path is reserved for sending signal to tower and another path is used to send acknowledgement signal.

Now after your call signal reaches cell tower which is also called BSC..it goes to MSC(mobile switching center) ..MSC actually acts as router or you can say a switch which sends your signal first for verification, ie to VLR( verification location register) which is actually a sub register..

Well let me explain in detail............

When you get prepaid card the carrier company asks you to fill in details..that details goes to a big register called HLR(home location register)..
From there, data is divided according to different region and send to various VLR..so ,from there  MSC checks whether person is at roaming or not..

After that the call is send to the nearest MSC of the person you want to call and from there call is send to the nearest tower of the person you are calling.. And finally call is received...

This is how call reaches from source to destination.....

I hope you guys could understand..This whole call forwarding process I told above  is part of PUBLIC SWITCHED TELEPHONE NETWORK which consist of telephone wires,fibre optics,cables,microwave transmission....And whatever explained above is just like a drop in the ocean..as networking is vast subject and it is not possible to cover each point...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Taking out the most powerful weapon.Don't worry I'm not taking out bayonet but PEN.But then what should I write about???  I ruminated for few seconds and thought that there couldn't be a better story than that of a PURE 100% Indian Student.


A child is born and the minute he comes into this world,plans are made,blueprints are approved (in which,every memeber of the family takes par,t except the child) to make him either an engineer or a doctor.As if there are no other options.But, I  think at least let him start speaking so that he could let his emotions out.And see the irony he does display his emotions by CRYING(as if trying to say that can someone ask me too).......


Fingers crossed,heart beating faster than a speeding Ferrari...What will be my score???Will my teacher complain about me to my mother??? What will my mother say after seeing my report card..The list is endless..
At that time it seems that at any moment whistle of a pressure cooker will blow....But all  worries  were clean bowled when my teacher declared my  result to be 92% and applauds me.I was feeling  on cloud nine, not knowing that this had only exaggerated my dilemma...You must be wondering that why I said dilemma .??? Friends you'll know it as I proceed further........since this was only trailer and picture was yet to be premiered...  :)
The point is when we score good or otherwise  in our junior classes our parents expect us to do well in all the exams we sit in...They think as if, we are the only student sitting in the exam,so obviously we will top....The irony here is that each and every parent thinks this way ,so not one but all go through the same dilemma.For the next few years  till you start earning ,they pamper you just like the witch did in HANSEL AND GRATEL story...and along with the pampering we get to listen a soft music
        Dear give your best shot,work harder if you are only working hard..because after that everything would be easy and smooth"

We listen to it so many times that it entrenches deep in our blood..And it actually makes us feel that we say to ourselves, common buddy just one last obstacle and you can be free from cat and mouse race...
                                             BUT IS IT????????

We go to every church,temple,mosque and not even spare the deity which is meditating peacefully under the tree...At night we keep turning sides ...Next day when we open our computers and type our roll no,our mind works on 10 different paths(What,how,why ,can it ib my result etc etc???).And then the screen open....
OH MY GOD , I got 92%...we do not believe our own eyes ....So now we take a sigh..PHEW!!!!!!
Now we think that our life would be easy,with no routine chit-chat with dad about studies ,marks etc..
Is it really an end??? we students are so naive that we do not understand the he whole blockbluster is still to come.....

Now we Are  made to choose either medical or non medical…Mind it commerce field is kept out of options..From day 1 till next 730 days we ride on two boats,school and entrance exam..Now with just one month left to the board exams..the only music  we hear is
    Dear work hard,just a month is left,give your best becoz after that you’ll get your line and then you can enjoy.

Finally we get admission in a college and are happy..since now we feel we can take a break from cat and mouse race..But friends this is only a kit-kat break..After enjoying 1 or 2 years we are again pushed in the race where our parents want us to top..ie race of getting admission in IIM.The problem is, at each step of our education,and with each result we get, our parents expectations increase …
and we kids try our level best to fulfill it...
sometimes I wonder when will we relax and take a chill pill becoz in todays  hi-tech modern world we are trying every possible oppurtunity we can to climb the success ladder and in the process we are missing the time we should spend with our families....

Now after 10 years when we our selves become parents,we make the same blueprints as our parents did  for  our child's future  and the whole thing starts again..Irony  is the people who hated when their parents used to bug them about studies ,themselves are making their children walk the same trodden path they once made  to  follow..
But I guess ,Parents think like parents and kids are kids:)
So I salute all the parents as deep inside their heart ,they want our well being which we realise only when we become parents.As only parents can sacrifice or spend their whole lives so that we live a comfortable life...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My Thoughts

If God answers your prayer,he is increasing your faith,if he delays he is increasing your patience.If he does not answer,he has something better for you.

Monday, 23 January 2012


THIS IS A STORY of someone special ,who gets into a number of problems, curses god for making life hell but eventually thanks god because like any other story those mistakes taught her something. I think I should start now before you start getting bored.

It is really a very -very old story of LIA who was far much beautiful than
any other life that existed at that time. (Had sharp features, long neck, big
grey eyes, height 5’10, believe me she was very attractive and not to forget
She was just 16 but had dreams to fly high in the sky but her parents just
like any other wanted her to stay with them because they wanted to protect
her from the atrocities of the world. But like any other life of her age, she
believed that she was much more sensible and intelligent than her parents
and that they knew nothing. THIS WAS HER 1ST MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT ‘HER
Anyhow lets move on….
She lived in the tribal areas of Nilgiri forest down south but wanted to go
and explore other places. She just did not want to confine herself in those
forests. One day as destiny would have planned it. Someone whom she thought was
special came into their village and her life. His name was LIAM. Slowly and
slowly his ideas started influencing her so much that she started moving
away from her family and friends. Her family and friends warned her that he
is not good but the promises that LIAM made to her and the way he depicted a
rosy picture of outside world made her believe that her well wishers just
don’t like him and that that is why they were brain washing her mind.
Oh before i forget and move forward with MY Story LIAM was absolutely, had sharp
white teeth,and not to forget he was “NON VEGETARIAN”.SO,
probably that was why her parents didn’t like him and that  LIAM was NON VEG.,
LIA didnt know. So where was i, yes that her parents warned her but she
ignored their warnings thinking that they are just playing their emotional
tricks so that she could stay away from him.THIS WAS HER 2ND MISTAKE.
After a few weeks, she thought she had enough and ran away with LIAM. So, she
put her faith in the wrong person. For few days LIAM showed her mesmerising
nature around but he had some other wicked plans stored for her.
At her home her friends knew the reality and started their search for
LIA, to protect her just like any other friends would do. On full moon night
he took LIA to the banks of river ganga. (he was very hungry of many days).
He was about to open his mouth when just like any other typical
bollywood movie her friends saved her in the nick of time. SO HER 3RD MISTAKE
So moral of the story is that all the mistakes you make teach you
something. So one should learn from them and try not to repeat them. Because
sometimes life doesn’t give second chances.


What Next????
2011 has been a year of ups and downs with balls changing courts not only in INDIA but also in rest of the world(take EGYPT for an example). People seem to have grown more mature, sensible and aware in INDIA itself. Almost 1/4 of INDIA rose to “FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION” along with ANNA HAZARE, which is a positive sign because after staying in dormancy for 64 years it was good to see INDIA UNITED for a good cause because the last time I checked I saw people coming together only to fight with each other for religion or against reservation.
After achieving the desired lokpal what NEXT?
Inspite of promoting ‘INDIA SHINING ‘ slogan, INDIA is still a HOLLOW SPHERE which is shining at the surface but from inside it is still empty.
Girls which were earlier killed on birth are now killed either due to honor killing,dowry etc. The statistics are much worse in NORTH INDIA with staes like J.K, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan with less than 900 girls to every 1000 boys. In our Indian Constitution “EVE TEASING” is considered or defined as a behaviour and not an offense with maximum punishment given to the culprit is 2 years of jail and fine of 5000 Rs..ARE GIRLS ONLY WORTH Rs 5000?
There are many examples which show that society treats girls as a mere object of pleasure. Are their lives worth nothing? Take for example JESSICA murder case , she was killed because she refused to give a drink, as the bar was closed. The list of women being illtreated by hands of men is endless(Ruchika case,nithari killings etc).
Even the educated families kill their daughter -in- law for dowry or cause them so much mental trauma that they commit suicide. If people love money so much why dont they marry ATM’S! Girls in the age group of 15-25 yrs are not the only targets but even small girls and old women are subjected to atrocities of men in form of rape, eve teasing, sexual harassment etc.
When will we grow? We have taken so much from the west then why cant we learn from them and make women safe. We should rise to the occasion and make women safe in INDIA before its too late..



Sitting in the  garden and watching winter set.... The  first thing that comes to our mind when we think of cold, snow is a fervent (just like scorching sun of summers ) cup of cappichino
... Or even an expresso would do :)

Winter has generally been depicted ir metaphored by many poets , filmmakers as a time of depression , cold atmosphere ( by. Cold atmosphere I mean cold vibes from people) .loneliness And not to forget winter is also used as a metaphor  for old age .... As in poem SEVEN AGES"
by shakespeare. And there are many examples in literature which show that winter can only be negative ..or depressing


In my opinion it is the way you see life... It can be monsoon, spring or winter depending upon the way you see it.. I feel winter is the best as it brings people together.... Unlike in summers .  most of labour class like rickshaw drivers generally go off to sleep after having dinner in summers, but in winter they lit fire and sit together talking their hearts out and dilly dallying their time... (BONDING)
Not only this I'm sure many of you might agree that it is the  time when you and your family sit together sharing the warmth ,quilt  and watching tv together...with gajar ka halwa
( family bonding)

And when else can you have the time of enjoying hot-2 delicacies of roadside street like hot momos, spring rolls and I can bet the delight to enjoy an ice cream in winters is amazing as it brings  a smile to our faces ...

Not only this some might complain that it is time when their mothers are strict about their clothings and that they might get sick etc but friends even if you get sick , see the positive point you get the attention, love, care of the whole house even the brother or sister with whom you usually squabble about Pety issues starts caring for you... And accepts all your demands;)

So now I would like to ask WHO SAYS THAT WINTERS ARE BAD AND COLD" I find them pretty intriguing:);)



We humans have a nature of putting the blame of our failures or wrong choices on DESTINY. It would not be incorrect to say that DESTINY is the best escape route for the guilty conscious souls.
Let’s think for a second, is there any occasion when you were not able to achieve the desired goal in your life, like not getting desired marks or job or when you were caught by a teacher while you were about to bunk  the class? What was the first line you spoke? That “Aaj to kismat hi kharab hai…” (Today my destiny didn’t favor me..). But was it really a matter of chance that we couldn’t achieve what we wanted? I believe it was the wrong choice that we made, like choosing the wrong moment for doing something, that is responsible for our destiny.
Dhirubhai Ambani once quoted:-

Destiny depends upon choice rather than chance

Maybe we try to blame our destiny because it gives us a soothing feeling. But is it all our destiny’s fault? Rather, in my opinion, it is the wrong choice which governs our destiny. But why do we make wrong choices?? It is because our mind is not clear and is full of problems related to the worldly affairs. So one should clear the mind by taking a DEEP BREATH, and then think about the pros and cons of the choice that you are going to take and then make a decision. So for all my technical friends, let me explain it in a technical way. If an airplane is considered as your destiny, depending upon the  path you want to move, you can change the rudder of the plane and your plane will move in that direction.

And for my foodie friends, I’d like to give another example. If in 1 plate you have khichdi and in another you have roadside paanipuri and if  you choose paanipuri and fall ill. The first thing you’ll say is “ki aaj to kismat hi kharab hai”, but was it really because of paanipuri or because you made the wrong choice?
In the end I  would just like to say that think before you make a choice because your destiny depends upon it!