Sunday, 15 March 2015



In today’s time no matter how much we try to imitate West but the fact still remains the same….”Ladki to sanskaari, gunvati aur kamau chahiye” apne bete ke liye…. (a boy’s mother would always want a perfect indian bahu ) no matter how her son is…. even if he changes girlfriends every month. But a girl is born in india generally to get basic education so that she is eligible to get a good match .Nowadays trend is there is more demand of Engineer girls as bridegrooms….Many of my friends after wanted to pursue higher dreams like exploring themselves but were made to sit at home or join a course in a nearby college with single line “jitne mein tumhe bahar bhejna hai utne mein to tumhari shaadi ho jaye”… Maybe they are right ..for middle class families I’ts difficult to arrange so much funds to not only send them but making sure they don’t face any monetary problems…..
So all those dreams are left as dreams….Maybe that’s why they say to dream because in dreams you are your own master…You can even visit Spain with Shahrukh Khan or Ranbir Kapoor.:)

That is why in  most of the colleges we have girls ratio much less than guys ….because parents don’t wanna send them far away …..One reason that I feel is world is made unsafe by people like that Delhi gangrape case culprit whose BBC interview rocked the world….No matter how much good our country does or projects but one incident like this tarnishes our image in the world…And I got hands on experience when I met an American lady who was coming with me back to US from India…….She told me how difficult it is for a foreigner to visit india that too a single women…And then she told me the secret how she made sure she is safe while travelling in trains….
Many told my dad too that whats the need of sending your daughter to US. You already spent so much on her Btech ..make her work in India for a year or too and get her married to rich businessman…But more than me, my dad was adamant and excited to send me to US to let me be ME…to follow who I spread chase my dreams…He used to….. actually still says that I have potential to achieve wonders and that sky is limit but just do your karam ie is work hard and be honest ….
You will always have people to discourage you but god has given you 2 ears for this reason only..Listen from one and let it go from other..but that doesn’t mean  you don’t listen ..Listen to all but do what you think is right…
He didn’t teach me scooter because he loved me so much and thought it was unsafe ….so before I turned 18 he taught me how to drive ...may be that is where I get my passion for driving ….Inspite of facing difficult situations himself in India …be it sometimes monetary problem or stress from work he made sure I live here comfortably….Dad you made me feel like princess…. dad’s princess….I am what I am because of you and mom…All my achievements I dedicate it to you….because during my tough times you were there…wiping my tears and telling me its ok….next time work more hard…have faith
Every time I failed or fell down I got up ..thinking I am my dad’s daughter.. who inspite of facing so many adverse situations never lets us know and never gives up……

I know you always wanted me to keep after so many days here’s one blog thanking you for sending me to pursue higher education and achieve what I want to. I hope I always make you proud. J