Monday, 24 March 2014

Proud Parents

Life teaches you and no one can teach you better not even parents. We will not believe them but when life gives a good kick we understand the same thing. Today life surprised me again by teaching a new lesson. To get their daughters married to the right guy at right time and till then and even after that she remains safe ,happy ,protected is itself a challenge and a dream at the same time. It is so sad for the parents who lose their daughters (when they are burnt alive for dowry, acid attack, rape) . The pain itself of losing their young daughters  is excruciating let alone the reason which caused this pain). Parents want that their daughters to stand on their feet so that even during adverse times they are capable enough to make their way. Now I understand, how proud parents feel when their daughters achieve great heights. And how happy they feel when everything goes alright and girl get married to right guy who keeps their daughter happy, taking care of all her needs, hopes, aspirations .It is the most proud moment especially for the father. May be that is why, people kill their daughters in womb because they are weak to take care ,  grow their daughters into  independent, smart and intellectual human beings who follow her heart and at the same time does the right thing to make herself and her parents proud.

Salute to all parents who have daughters!!!!!