Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ek thank you to banta hai.......

Life teaches us that some body who are nobody in our life at one point may be the most important people in our lives who make our lives easy .I really mean EASY.It's been 1 year in US but I still sometimes miss maids /cooks in my home and I'm sure many would be who have to do everything by themselves.  Back home they are just people , living below poverty line who struggle hard to meet both ends meet .They wash clothes,utensils,take care of household chores and sometimes even make food as cook with meager wages and zero respect.We all get so used to taking work from them that 1 holiday by them and we can see its effects on our moms face .You must be wondering why am I writing about them.They are not that important .But they are for me.Well if you don't believe me.Perform small experiment take a week off and do everything yourself from cleaning utensils to vacuuming etc and then give me the result I bet you will miss them sometimes even more than ur mom[kidding].

So, on not  so serious note ..tomorrow morning go to the kitchen hug your maid and say aunty you are the best :P:)

So all I want to, not say but salute them for their service.. Because of them my mom is happy :) To ek thanku to banta hai !!!!

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