Tuesday, 19 February 2013


With recent recession hitting all the industries, getting placed is like a dream. After spending approximately one lakh on graduation, a person getting a job of Rs 10,000 p.m considers himself to be lucky. Especially, when he sees his classmates still struggling to get a job.

Now, this  makes me think that is there any field which is not hit by RECESSION and then a bell rings.
No, not the  door bell but my father’s phone rings and flashes “PANDIT Jatadhar Calling”. What I realized might make you laugh. But it is not a bad idea after all. Not getting it??????

Pandit ??? Yogi ?? Mahant ?? Guruma ?? Career Option??

P.S: And those of you who can sing well, can get handsome money for performing at BHAJAN SANDHYA. Trust me, I have seen people getting paid well for 2 hour show and they are not interested in singing god hymns but mix their songs with Bollywood or Punjabi tunes .Many  might have noticed it too. Lets get back to the career option we were discussing. I’m actually gone prove my point by giving examples

Firstly, whenever you buy a new house or car etc etc, where do you go first or whom do you call? Obviously Panditji or any guruji or guruma you believe in. Panditji performs his PUJA and we give them their dakshina. And even that dakshina follows ECONOMICS principle. ”More the price of commodity you  bought more dakshina you have to give”.

Secondly , If a man dies or a child is born ,whom do you call? Again a Pandit or guruji you believe in. Guru ji does his puja, of which you understand not a single word and in return give them dakshina. If it’s a boy  then you pay him well and if girl then less.

And they are paid the most , when our sweet mom takes our horoscope to panditji to ask about our future or to find ways to eradicate problems from our lives. Even if there is nothing wrong with us they’ll proclaim that all bad things are happening because of RAHU OR SHANI OR KETU being in our KUNDLI. So, whatever they say ,we have to do as nobody wants to mess with either panditji or stars .One visit to them  makes us shed thousands of rupees. Above mentioned reasons are just few among many other occasions from where they get SOME extra cash. This “Some” extra cash amounts to nearly Rs 50,000 plus other perks and yes how can I forget their meager income of Rs 5000.Moreover, all their lodging and food is taken care by temple authorities .To be a pandit or guru or guruma all you have to do is enter a gurukul, which charges you nothing.

So, you have to pay nothing to get this job and  get paid handsomely along with other perks. If you are thinking that even this field will get affected by recession then don’t worry  because you go to temples more during that time J
Moreover, in country like India this field is quite blooming. Recently I read a MAHANT/GURUJI of some sect bought 0001 number for his 60 lakh SUV car for 10 lakhs. He is just not one ,many other guru or guruma own luxury cars along with huge acres of property. So, friends being a sadhu or guru or guruma is not  bad career option after all in country like ours where we the COMMON MAN believe in them so much rather than believing in GOD.

And I think GURU MA Khushboo(Er)  would’nt  sound that bad. So I can be head mata and anybody interested in being my assistant can contact me  :PJ