Saturday, 14 June 2014

MY STEP FATHER is the best :)

We all must have wished our father HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and they are the best no doubt about that :) But did you wish your step father HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ...I know step fathers are generally cruel but they are part of lives even if they make our lives hell :( Nope don't even think that I am drunk or crazy.Well you must be thinking , whom  I am talking about.....Who your step father is??? .....Who scolds you even for your smallest mistake, who doesn't misses single chance of teasing you....And I'm sure you must have told him/her"You are not my dad ,so don't act like one "

Who make you feel that you are the biggest sinner in this field ..... but when dad scolds you he/she is the one who defends you ,loves you and consoles you and says "you were not wrong" circumstances were".So, even though he/she makes you feel guilty that you are useless but when actual situation comes and you are in problem ,he/she turns into chameleon and protects you. ....I know ,we loathe our step father,curse him/her for being so mean but irony is we can't even live without them ...and miss their irritating habits....No wild guesses guys because he/she is none other than our IRRITATING  younger/older brother/sister who like actually love to act like our daddy..So Happy Father's day Step daddy :):P

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