Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's day special !!!!

Curtains fall, lights on and I hear thunder of claps for the brilliant performance of the actors.Actors win awards, laurels. Everyone  is appreciated for their work except , behind the stage people ,who I feel should also be appreciated.Yes I mean spotboys,technicians ,makeup man etc; who watch the actors getting awards from a distance and feel happy that their hard work has payed........

   Well you must be thinking that all of a sudden why am I talking about giving credit to backstage people.... dont worry i'm  not promoting any NGO..I'm saying this because "Our life" is also like a stage..isn't it??? And if we think ,even we have some unappreciated people in our life.Children especially youngsters are generally close to their mothers.We have this fear that our father is very strict ,he'll not listen to anything ,he might overreact.But my definition of father is someone who likes to watch his child grow from distance and when his child grows up and becomes successful,he smiles and thinks that finally his hard work has paid.Has it ever happened that you wanted something but your mom said no to it and you went to  your dad and asked for the same thing ,and he said Yes....Well fathers  not always say NO.They only stop us from having something because they do not want their little prince/princess to get hurt as they  know the obnoxious world outside better than we do..All they want is that we should have fun but without getting hurt. They do not want any appreciation, all they want is that we become independent,that is we stand on our feet.....

Father's day does not mean that we just wish our fathers.When we grow up and enter teenage we generally try to avoid sitting with our dad may be because we are shy or whatever may be the reason...But today lets take  out time for them and sit with them and have little chit chat over a cup of coffee and talk about anything to everything and make them  feel special....

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!..and I promise to do what you taught me ie,to be

f-free thinker

-------(dedicated to my father)