Monday, 8 April 2013


Some experience this catastrophe before it can reach it’s pinnacle and some experience it’s long lasting  effects....You must be wondering what I’m talking about??? Well I’m talking about 6 months training which college students have to undergo as it is mandatory. Now you must be thinking why going to training is a debacle because it shouldn't be a debacle rather it should be a training experience. But ask yourself, how many of you seriously go to training to learn??Getting internship at a good company is like baking a cake. So, if one of the ingredients goes missing ,you have to eat the cake whether you like it or not. Every student has to take one of the following tests(even after leaving college tests don’t leave you :P)

TEST 1: Source Test –yes friends this test is taken by every student. It checks how good we are or our parents are in making contacts. As to get into a training programme FOR FREE, it requires references. And those who lack or do not perform well in this test are seen ending up in a paid one. So along with college fee they have to pay for training programme.

TEST 2: Even if we score good in TEST 1, it does not mean that we can score easily in this test too. As now we have to face our project manager. If one is lucky and his project manager is as sweet as sweets then he can enjoy his work .See the silver line he can actually work.
But if you are not and you face a rattle brain, who likes to boast about his achievement and likes to keep his tensions on your head. Then,God save your soul. Most of the project managers don’t let trainees work because they feel trainees are INCOMPETENT, HOPELESS, USELESS people who are born to make mistakes. So they ask them to stay in a corner .Although who wouldn't like to sit idle and gossip with other trainees. But that we have been doing for 3 and half hours. So, to do same thing for 6 months ??Even if we take holidays to join some course we can’t ..Our dearest boss don’t less us ..And our condition is just like that of dolphin. Although dolphin likes to remain in water but it can’t as they have to come on surface to BREATHE. But this is just 1 sided torture. It doubles when our teachers ask us to submit weekly reports and make a visit to our training institute to ask our coordinator  about  how we are doing..But aren't we the sufferers?? So shouldn't they be asking us about how we are??(irony L )
We cannot even argue with our bosses as they have to grade us. I guess every training institute should have a Performa so that we get to grade them


TEST 3: We have to give Presentation(as if we did learn something. Wait .........may be we did learn something “PATIENCE”).And that actually helps when we don’t get a job even after getting grilled for 6 months. May be the education system needs some reformation? So, that those 6 months of students are not wasted.