Friday, 31 August 2012


Some inspiring lines


                Never Blame any Day in Your Life
                            Good Days Give you Happiness,
                Bad days give us Experience.  "
Both are Essential in Life,So always keep Smiling No matter how hard the time is..It will surely go away.....                               and sun will surely rise bringing loads of hope.:):):)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

WAKE UP.....

"1984 Sikh riots",  "Godhra case", "mob attacks Churches in Orissa", "Foreign family which came as  christian missionary killed by mob in Orissa", "Ayodhya riots", "dalit woman burnt to death" and the recent one "Hindu muslim riots in Assam".. The list of incidents goes ON and ON...

When Indians are killed in abroad like AUSTRALIA, our the recent one AMERICA.. we in INDIA get Immediately rocked, and start sympathizing along with curses for the country where it happened.. Moreover, we stop sending our kids there.. But what about people who are staying in INDIA and are subjected to atrocities of the society,mob only because either they are HINDUS,SIKHS,MUSLIM and even on basis of caste like whether they are dalit,brahmin etc.. So when people are attacked in abroad we condemn it, but when it happens in INDIA, we support it..why DO WE exhibit  DUAL PERSONALITY???? why cant we condemn killings on basis of religion in INDIA Too.. And demand strict action against the culprits  like we demand in case of racist attacks.Although, I agree that attacks, which happen in india are not racist but innocent lives are killed, and their only mistake is that they are from particular religion or from particular caste....

Although our constitution says that we should treat all alike but it is politicians who have divided people on basis of religion,caste and that too for their vote banks and they do so by bringing reservations ... Although I know some of us will support reservations and I'm Not against it but ,don't you think that when people get jobs or admissions on the  basis of reservation it actually createS  invisible Divisions in the society... Like in my college a separate list is created , for those who have got admission on basis of reservation  and I actually think  that it  creates a difference among the masses .. "Ki oh! he is from SC/ST quota.."

And sometimes becoz of reservations less qualified or capable person is chosen over more deserving one..

So it is high time now , politicians should wake up, and should start thinking about the country's progress rather than about their own personal gain...


        IN ADVANCE

Saturday, 11 August 2012


India is known as land of many religions, where every month we celebrate a festival.Not only, we celebrate birthdays of our gods and goddess but also of the martyr's who had laid their lives in order to teach Indians one or the other lessons of life.......

Today, when we are so busy, it is good to celebrate festivals because they give us a motive to take out time from our busy schedules  and remember their teachings .. Recently, we celebrated JANAMASHTMI ie, birthday of lord Krishna who played a pivotal role in MAHABAHRTA.. Celebrating JANAMASHTMI does not mean that we simply go to temple days, it plays more important role.. It is a day we get a holiday to actually think about those lessons they gave us.. ,which is very important these days like Lord Krishnji told us" To trust yourself, and do what you think is right. Do not consider what others say. Rather be confident and perform actions which according to you is right, because at the end of the day, we have to answer our conscience....

Today , we seriously need to execute  teachings like this, because half of the Indians consider what others think of them rather than what they think of themselves...No matter , how much they like to do something, they WONT, because they are worried , what others might think of them.. Friends, festival is not celebrated only to eat, fast, on this day.. It is also meant to reconsider our lifestyle and actions..

Saturday, 4 August 2012

My First Best Friend...

I know its a well known topic , for writing an essay or composition.. In fact ,I remember.. that we were made to cram.. Especially my best friend topic :) When we used to be kids, I'm sure many of you would agree that, our best friend used to be our MOTHER.. You must be thinking why I'm saying mother.?? Well thats because, remember who used to be the one to hide your mistakes from your father?? Who used to get you balloons , whenever you went to market with her?? And how can you forget the pim pom lollipop you used to suck??

Whenever you used to get hurt , who used to be there for you and applies medicine to it..?? Answer is mother.:) In my opinion,she completely fits the definition of "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED"!

Even  at midnight, if you are hungry, you just need to tell her and guess what ,we get 2 minute noodles at our service:).. She keeps running after us , that we should drink our milk or eat our food but we fullfilling the definition of "child" play "Hide and Seek" with her .. What a time it was:) 

When we enter our teenage, we make friends in school and then in college.. And start moving away from our mother.. Earlier the hide seek we used to love, now is called intrusion of privacy by us.. Earlier in our childhood, we couldnt even think of buying any clothes from the market and used to wear clothes of her choice, but know if she asks us to wear a particular dress , we simply say No!! and rudely send her away.

I'm not saying that whatever they say, do it.. But what you can do is, Next time you have a fight with her, you should not argue back.. Let her cool down and then explain your side of story.. 

And since we the teenagers always have a ready made reply that" we are busy", every time our mother asks us to do some work.. So lets take out time for our dear , and our 1st best friend and take her out or atleast buy her a present:)


dedicated to my first best friend:)
my mom