Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Yesterday's gang rape brought heated discussions not only on every news channel but also in Parliament.Every Politician gave his/her opinion about the same.But who wants their opinion? Nation demands strict actions against the accused.But we all know that if government takes 7 years to bring about amendment in criminal law ,how long will it take to bring laws for  women safety.

From 2010, there has been 120% increase in sexual harassment cases in Delhi.On a  recent rape case, SHO of the police blamed victim's sense of dressing for the rape.But I would like to ask SHO, that  why are muslim women  raped?? Nobody blames the accuse, and all accusations are on the women like,may be her  dress was short, or like why was  she  roaming in the street in night etc.So, should one conclude that women should not step out of the house after sunset???I guess I should check that are we living in a democratic country or under Taliban rule?? How better are we from Pakistan,Afghanistan ,where women are given no rights to live.

Last few months was like a nightmare for the women of Haryana. Everyday newspaper reported a rape case from there and we all know, how gender biased is society of Haryana. So, instead of supporting the families of victim and punishing the accused, khap panchayat comes with a shocking solution that "Marry girls at the age of 16". 16 is it really an age to get girls married????May be khap panchayat is forgetting a case where a married woman was raped infront of her husband and son.Now, it feels that ,raping someone is becoming mere sport of fun. But do  you know how much pain mentally,emotionally a raped victim has to undergo.

But somewhere I know that there is no point saying anything as after 2 days,the accused will be exonerated due to lack of proof or witness turning hostile and then we'll wait for another incident to happen.Even police seems to be in the pockets of politicians who make them work like puppets.Every politician promises laptops,Tv etc in their manifesto but why cant they promise laws for women security? Is it that difficult to promise and keep it.

Parliament fights for SC/ST quota in jobs etc but have no time to pass laws on women security.Now I feel ,that since  government can only pass bills on quota.I think they should pass bill giving quota to rape victims in jobs, land allotments etc.Since all we can do is bring reservations-in our society.

But on a serious note, I think capital Punishment should be given to those who are  accused of  raping someone because rape victims themselves are nothing but dead people living a life of exile away from friends and society.